24 February 2020

leon and Nucleus Medical announce attractive transplantation drug

License agreement enables Nucleus to utilize leon’s proprietary nanotechnology to meet unmet patient need.

It is estimated that over 80% of pharmaceutical pipeline API’s are poorly soluble in water. leon’s ‘enabling nano now’ value proposition delivers novel, ready to use, validated, nano solutions that create value for partners and meets an unmet medical need for patients. Its technology provides formulation options that deliver a superior profile for active pharmaceutical ingredients, reducing the drug payload required while improving the onset of action.

Nucleus chose leon’s proprietary MJR® technology because of its scalability to every application, molecule and budget. From early testing to full production, the platform ensures nanoparticle-based therapeutics are uniform, controlled and reproducible – accelerating time to market.

Andrea Cusack, CEO of Leon, commented: “We are very pleased and proud that Nucleus has selected us as its collaboration partner and will utilize our proprietary technology. We look forward to bringing valuable new medicines to patients worldwide”.

“Access to leon’s cutting-edge nanotechnology platform will create a new level of therapeutic efficiency and patient benefit for one of the most attractive APIs in transplantation medicine” explained Wolfgang Beier, PhD, Managing Partner and CEO of Nucleus Medical GmbH. “We expect our product to become a new therapeutic entity on a global scale!”

About leon
Leon delivers novel, validated and optimized solutions that create value for clients and provide better outcomes for their patients. It expedites API’s to deliver improved stability, increased solubility and enhanced bioavailability, revitalize forgotten formulations, and breathe new life into generics.

About Nucleus
Nucleus Medical GmbH is a privately held pharmaceutical project development company, located in Munich, Germany, focused on the development of innovative application forms of leading APIs in solid organ transplant rejection medicine.

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