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Exciting new possibilities exist at the scale of nano. Opportunities to accelerate drug development. Opportunities for collaboration between global pharma, biotech and network partners to amplify the effectiveness of New Chemical Entities (NCE’s), generate novel generics and super generics, revitalize forgotten formulations and negate the attrition of molecules. That is why at leon, we are enabling nano now.

The right scale for the right outcomes. Right now.

Our expertise in nanotechnology gives our pharmaceutical partners access to a new level of innovation. We combine novel techniques with a validated approach, enabling formulations to be delivered with increased solubility and improved bioavailability. It is a more effective route to better patient outcomes.

A faster path from lab to launch.

Nanoformulations can overcome the complex hurdles that block an API’s successful path to market. For New Chemical Entities and established drugs, our proprietary bottom-up precipitation method results in the creation of tailored nanoparticles that form the basis of targeted, effective treatments via oral, parenteral or transdermal delivery. It is a consistently repeatable process with easy scalability from bench through clinical trials to commercial. By employing mathematical modeling and avoiding any change to reactor hardware, the scale up and validation process can be expedited from months to a matter of weeks.

A unique, full-service solution in single site provides agility and flexibility.

Combining our in-house expertise with that of our market leading partners, we offer a complete ‘nanoGo’ solution. From candidate selection through pre-formulation, formulation selection, GLP studies and into Phase I clinical trials or bioequivalent studies, our unique solution is seamless, negating the complexity associated with multiple supplier relationships. Critically it expedites the process, delivering the right prototype formulation for clinical testing within 52 weeks.


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